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In this Digital CxO Leadership Insights video, Mike Vizard chats with Tushar Patel, vice president of marketing for Cleo, about the pressures organizations are under to prevent their supply chains from being disrupted.


In this episode of the Digital CXO Leadership Insights series, host Mike Vizard interviews Tushar Patel, chief marketing officer for Cleo, about the evolving landscape of supply chain technologies. There has been a significant shift in how companies manage supply chains, with unexpected events like geopolitical conflicts and infrastructure issues continuing to disrupt logistics. Tushar highlights the surprising agility of companies in adapting new technologies, with 80% of survey respondents reporting seeing value within the first year of investment. The discussion delves into how AI and other advanced technologies are being leveraged to address common challenges such as manual processes, poor data quality, and lack of real-time visibility. Tushar emphasizes the importance of clean data and integration technologies that enable real-time insights, which are crucial for meeting modern consumer expectations for rapid delivery.

The conversation also covers the shift from batch processing to real-time, API-based integrations, which are essential for optimizing the last mile of delivery. Tushar explains that while some companies are undertaking complete overhauls of their systems, many are focusing on specific use cases and gradually upgrading their technologies. The persistent reliance on manual processes and the need for automation are significant barriers to efficiency in supply chains. Tushar underscores that organizations need to rethink their use of human resources, moving away from concerns about job losses towards more strategic deployment of skills. The episode concludes with a focus on customer experience, noting that timely and accurate delivery is critical to overall satisfaction. The insights shared by Tushar Patel provide a comprehensive view of the current and future trends in supply chain management, emphasizing the critical role of technology in navigating this complex landscape.

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