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In this Digital CxO Leadership Insights video interview, Francis Carden, chief technology evangelist for HFS Research, explains why digital business transformation initiatives are being held back because organizations are too wedded to legacy IT platforms.


In this episode of the Digital CXO Leadership Insights series, Mike Vizard interviews Francis Carden, the CTO for HFS Research. The discussion focuses on the challenges and advancements in digital transformation and automation. Francis highlights the ongoing struggle organizations face with legacy systems, explaining that many companies are still hesitant to overhaul outdated technology due to perceived difficulties and costs. He emphasizes the need for businesses to reimagine processes in the context of the current digital revolution, leveraging modern compute power and capabilities to innovate and stay competitive.

Mike and Francis delve into the evolving relationship between IT and business units, noting significant improvements in alignment driven by competitive pressures. Francis suggests that AI will play a crucial role in this transformation by inherently integrating into processes rather than being an afterthought. He advocates for a mindset shift where businesses and IT collaborate to explore new possibilities, build innovative solutions, and transition away from obsolete systems. This approach, according to Francis, is essential for organizations to avoid being left behind in an era of rapid technological advancement.

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