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In this Digital CxO Leadership Insights video interview, Amanda Razani speaks with Devin Yaung, Group SVP of NTT Data, about IoT, AI and data, along with technology use cases.



In this week’s Leadership Insights series, Amanda Razani interviews Devin Yaung, Senior Vice President at NTT Data. They discuss the merge of NTT Data with NTT Limited, forming a comprehensive entity that integrates infrastructure with application services. Devin highlights some of the major announcements from their recent conference in San Francisco, including the development of a digital twin for the cardiovascular system, aimed at improving health care outcomes. He also mentions their generative AI product capable of handling language models and diagrams, as well as their involvement with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Tour de France, showcasing the practical applications of digital twin technology in various industries.

Devin also emphasizes the importance of AI and IoT integration, especially focusing on the edge where data is collected to feed AI models. He addresses the challenges of ensuring data accuracy and security, noting the significance of proper technology selection, user adaptation and regulatory compliance. Devin also highlights the need for cognitive diversity in teams and the value of understanding how different generations interact with technology. He concludes by stressing the importance of clear business objectives and a holistic approach to implementing new technologies.