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In this Leadership Insights video interview, Amanda Razani speaks with Reshma Khilnani, CEO of Medplum, about digital transformation initiatives within the health care industry.



In this episode of the Leadership Insights series, Amanda Razani interviews Reshma Khilnani, the CEO of Medplum. Reshma explains that Medplum is an open source electronic health record (EHR) development platform designed to help create custom health records for various specialties like pediatrics and cardiology. The discussion focuses on the digital transformation in the health care industry, highlighting the difference between mere digitization and true transformation, which involves rethinking processes from the patient’s perspective rather than the institutional one. Khilnani notes the regulatory changes, such as the ONC’s mandatory interface for record exchange, which are paving the way for more seamless data integration across different health care providers.

Reshma also addresses the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual care on health care. AI is expected to significantly improve workflow efficiency and reduce staff fatigue, though advanced diagnostic applications are still emerging. Virtual care, including telemedicine, is reshaping patient interactions and triage processes but requires robust infrastructure to support these new workflows. Despite challenges like regulatory compliance and data accuracy, these advancements are making health care more patient-centric. Reshma emphasizes the ongoing transformation, drawing parallels to the FinTech industry’s evolution, and underscores the importance of adapting to these changes for improved accessibility and mobile, on-demand health care services.