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In this Digital CxO Leadership Insights video interview, Amanda Razani speaks with Jay Topper, chief customer officer at fabric, about having a digital-first mindset in business.



In this Digital CxO Leadership Insights interview, Amanda Razani speaks with Jay Topper, the chief customer officer of fabric, about the significance of digital transformation in retail. Topper emphasizes that digital transformation isn’t just about e-commerce but is an integral part of all retail operations, driven by technology and data. He introduces the concept of “connected commerce,” which aims to provide a seamless experience across various touchpoints, ensuring customers feel part of the brand throughout their journey. Topper also highlights the importance of utilizing data in real-time to enhance customer experiences and support decision-making, moving beyond traditional omnichannel strategies.

Topper elaborates on Fabric’s offerings, which include an e-commerce platform, an enterprise-grade order management system (OMS), and a commitment to configurability over customization. He discusses the advantages of incremental implementation of new platforms to avoid the fear associated with major replatforming projects. Moreover, Topper stresses the need for a digital-first mindset in organizations, where data and cultural alignment are key to overcoming transformation challenges. He also shares his belief in AI’s potential to revolutionize retail operations, from inventory allocation to pricing strategies, and the importance of speed in omnichannel retail. The interview concludes with Topper’s assertion that replatforming can meet high expectations without being intimidating, underscoring the power of word-of-mouth marketing in today’s retail landscape.