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In this Digital CxO Leadership Insights video, Mike Vizard talks to Ryan Matzner, head of product for Fueled, about how goggles such as Apple Vision Pro will be used by organizations to apply augmented reality (AR) to workflows in a way that goes way beyond the limitations of existing monitors and PC screens.


In this episode of the Digital CXO Leadership Insight series, Mike Vizard interviews Ryan Matzner, a partner and co-founder at Fueled, to explore the emerging potential and applications of virtual reality glasses such as Apple Vision Pro. They discuss the initial high cost and limited use cases typical of new technologies, noting that early adoption often involves industries like adult entertainment and business where the payoff justifies the investment. Matzner highlights the excitement around gaming and the potential for digital twins in engineering and training applications. He underscores the importance of allowing team members to experiment with the device to drive innovation and practical use cases, drawing parallels to the evolution of smartphones.

The conversation further delves into the future of AR and VR in business, envisioning a shift away from traditional screens to immersive, infinite real estate for digital interactions. Matzner explains that while current applications might seem like expensive toys, engaging with the technology early on is crucial to understanding and leveraging its full potential as it evolves. He compares the current state of AR/VR to the early days of smartphones, where initial skepticism gave way to widespread adoption as new functionalities and use cases emerged. The episode concludes with practical advice for business leaders on incorporating these technologies into their digital transformation strategies, emphasizing hands-on experimentation and iterative learning.

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